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File: 1241879307220.gif -(206o7k8.gif, 167338 B, 550x404) Click thumbnail image for full size.
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So, rite, anywayz. I was buying some lemons from the store one day and I went to pick up a bag of lemons, but one was already open. So I turned to one of the PERSONS working there and I was like "YO, why are you selling broken lemons?" and he was like "Whoa bitch those aren't my lemons". Then I said "But you work here", so he turned around and said "Not anymore" as he stuffed his pockets with lemons and ran out of the store.

Anyway, I turned back to my bag of lemons, staring at the broken lemon, willing it to be whole again. But then suddenly I see something inside one half of it, like a manifestation of Jesus. I'm like "FUCK. JESUS IS COMMUNICATING WITH ME". So I lift the bag of lemons up higher and move my head in towards it, the image starts to get clearer. It's some girl with yellow teeth smiling and she's telling me she has Aspergers. I'm like "Damn. I don't want no lemons with aspergers!" So I ran out of there like my ass was on fire. Fucking freaky, man.

>> No.1644  

My friend told me that girls with yellow teeth and Asperger's are into scat. Good thing you ran away.

>> No.1648  

This has really affected me.

I'm crying and shaking right now.

>> No.1649  
File: 1241889624689.png -(pops.png, 65881 B, 345x224) Click thumbnail image for full size.


>> No.1650  

Need something SHARPER.

>> No.1651  
File: 1241891179904.jpg -(wrong.jpg, 227580 B, 1296x972) Click thumbnail image for full size.
>> No.1652  

Everything is undercontrol. I have tampax.

>> No.1655  

omg the lezzie lemon girl

>> No.4652  
File: 1322843853024.jpg -(coolsis.jpg, 77638 B, 545x434) Click thumbnail image for full size.

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