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File: 1241410594119.jpg -(small.jpg, 146217 B, 300x450) Click thumbnail image for full size.
146217 Thumbnail of: small.jpg No.1580  

I just found out about this dump from an anon L Chat forum poster. This place could be so much better. Why aren't there any sub-forums, for starters? Admin, you lazy bitch, get on it.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.1633  

I'm an L Chatter too. Where's 'the bitch' that runs this place?

>> No.1660  

She died. I heard she was a cutter.

>> No.1662  

I thought it her twin sister the boss who died?

>> No.1668  

No, it was her identical cousin Patty who died. "The Boss" is just the Bitch's nickname for her vag.

>> No.1669  

Really? I heard it was "Hogwarts."

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