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File: 1327852742775.jpg -(images.jpeg, 6222 B, 324x84) Click thumbnail image for full size.
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Hi Anon!
You know that in addition to this boards, there are others?
I have compiled a long list of the board, you can download here, for free: http://rghost.ru/36041341
Last updated list, you can check here: http://exachan. com/post.php?id=12844#605
It is also welcome any comments and suggestions.
And if you Will you come to each of them, and there make a thread, you will help all little imageboards immediately.
Send out a message to all the major big boards (cancer boards like 4chan, etc) and little boards.
Admins, please do not remove this thread, because You already counted and added to the list.
Free ads in all the fields, and all in black.
It's time to show the anonymity that the board instead of three, and much more.

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