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File: 1327363250889.gif -(rainbow hair.gif, 507598 B, 500x281) Click thumbnail image for full size.
507598 Thumbnail of: rainbow hair.gif No.4684  

um so .. does anybody actually come here? this place seems like it could be really cool but I feel like nobody's here ... :/

>> No.4687  
File: 1327486446104.jpg -(5kkfag.jpg, 64751 B, 400x347) Click thumbnail image for full size.

Seems to be a few regular posters however things definitely happen slower than when it first started a few year ago...

What would you do to improve things? The admin(s?) regularly address spam/technical issues but otherwise lurk in the background. Probably too busy or distracted nowdays to aquire and post stuff themselves, tho since they do bother to put in effort maintaining it so i'm sure they're open to suggestions. ^^

pic srsly unrelated

>> No.4697  

soooo empty

>> No.4699  
File: 1327780798752.png -(bdsmclass1996.png, 1358187 B, 960x669) Click thumbnail image for full size.

Advertise? Post links in non-obnoxious ways? Maybe we could get a crowd up in here. Picture related. Sort of.

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